GLOBUS  is a research project that critically examines the European Union’s contribution to global justice.

Challenges to global justice are multifaceted and what is just is contested. Combining normative and empirical research GLOBUS explores underlying political and structural obstacles to justice. Analyses of the EU’s positions and policies are combined with in-depth studies of non-European perspectives on the practices of the EU. Particular attention is paid to the fields of migration, trade and development, cooperation and conflict, as well as climate change.

Global Justice Blog

  • saltnes-blair-borrell-barroso-300 A crucial year for EU development policy Sep. 19, 2016

    The EU’s common development policy is up for review. The negotiations taking place in the next 12 months will be crucial to the future of the EU’s development policy. GLOBUS researcher Johanne Døhlie Saltnes writes on what is expected to be the main point of contestation, namely how to link development and poverty eradication with sustainability, migration and security.

  • sjursen-globus-300 Reconsidering European contributions to global justice June 6, 2016

    Since its inception the European Union has proclaimed an ambition to promote justice at the global level. But what precisely is the EU’s contribution to global justice? And what could a just foreign policy look like? GLOBUS coordinator Helene Sjursen writes on the rationale behind the EU Horizon 2020-funded project Reconsidering European Contributions to Global Justice (GLOBUS).


GLOBUS launched in Oslo

The project was launched at the GLOBUS kick-off conference in Oslo, where more than 100 participants - including researchers from all partner institutions - gathered for two days of discussions.


Weighing up the global scales of 'justice'

In an interview with UCD Today, the university magazine of University College Dublin, Ben Tonra tells of his hopes and ambitions for the GLOBUS project.


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Policy dialogue

GLOBUS yields knowledge of direct relevance to a wide range of policy stakeholders working on themes related to global justice and the EU's role in the world.

GLOBUS partners

GLOBUS has eight partner universities in Brazil, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Norway, and South Africa.