Books and articles

Mai'a K Davis Cross has published an article in the Journal of European Integration, asking: Why was the EU finally able to increase its influence at the 2015 UN summit in Paris?

GLOBUS researcher Cinzia Bevitori has published an article in Textus, where she investigates how the notion of 'fair' is constructed in British parliamentary debates on immigration. 

Michela Ceccorulli and Sonia Lucarelli have published a chapter in the book EU Security Strategies: Extending the EU System of Security Governance. 

Mai'a K. Davis Cross and Diarmuid Torney explore the contribution diplomacy has made to the EU’s external environmental and climate policies in this book chapter 'Environmental and Climate Diplomacy: Building Coalitions Through Persuasion'.

Arrigo Pallotti (University of Bologna) has published an article in the Journal of Contemporary African Studies that analyses the democratisation process in Tanzania. 

In this article in The International Spectator, Michela Ceccorulli and Sonia Lucarelli point out the important role that migration plays in the EU Global Strategy and identify six narratives on migration in the document. 

In this article in Cooperation and Conflict, Johanne Døhlie Saltnes argues that the European Union chose not to sanction Rwanda because of concerns over the negative impact of sanctions on the social and economic conditions in the country.