Published May 31, 2020 10:33 AM

GLOBUS researchers present key findings from research on the EU and global justice, climate change, security and conflict resolution, trade and development and migration in a set of policy briefs.

Published May 11, 2020 11:20 AM

The EU’s approach to women in conflict resolution and peacebuilding has changed significantly over the last two decades. The process of adopting a new approach to women, peace and security in 2018 represents a shift towards greater focus on diversity and inclusiveness, argues GLOBUS researcher Heidi Riley.

Published May 10, 2020 3:37 PM

Since its inception, the European Union has proclaimed an ambition to promote justice at the global level. But what precisely is the Union’s contribution? On 3 March 2020, GLOBUS researchers discussed key findings from their research with policy makers, CSO representatives, members of the European Parliament and representatives from the Commission and the EEAS.