Policy dialogue

GLOBUS yields knowledge of direct relevance to a wide range of policy stakeholders working on themes related to global justice and the EU's role in the world. The project will have a continued dialogue with such groups and will provide research-based policy recommendations. 

GLOBUS advances the understanding of the EU as a value-based actor in global affairs, while uncovering the conflicts that exercising this function creates with other major global players. It further considers how policies, institutional structures and procedures might be revised in order to better and more effectively safeguard key principles.

More concretely, GLOBUS will:

  • Establish an arena for direct engagement and mutual learning across different actors' understandings of justice
  • Facilitate critical reflection on the normative implications of alternative courses of action
  • Clarify principled advantages and disadvantages of available policy options, and establish the viability of the different choices
  • Provide policymakers with instruments of self-assessment and reflection in the formulation of policies

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Download report: CSO policy dialogue Brussels 29 May 2018

Policy Advisory Board

The GLOBUS Policy Advisory Board is an influential, high-level group contributing with non-academic perspectives and ensuring the relevance of GLOBUS’ research for policy-making and for the society at large.

Policy Network

GLOBUS engages with a wide range of policy stakeholders through its Policy Network, representing policy makers and governments, international organisations, civil society, think tanks, and interest groups.

Join the network

Interested organisations and institutions are invited to join GLOBUS' Policy Network. The network members are invited to dialogue meetings in Brussels and workshops at partner universities and get the opportunity to contribute to the project's research agenda.

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