Graham Finlay

Assistant Professor, University College Dublin

Graham Finlay (Ph.D. Johns Hopkins, 2002) has been a Lecturer in the School of Politics and International Relations, University College Dublin since 2004. He has also taught, in various capacities, at Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, the University of Calgary, the University of Maryland and the Johns Hopkins University. In 2009-2010, he was a Member of the School of Social Sciences of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, working on a project on 'Education for Cosmopolitan Citizenship'.  His research interests include the history of political thought, especially John Stuart Mill, consequentialist thought, citizenship and development education, the theory and politics of human rights (especially migrants' rights) and various topics in international justice, including migration and development.

He is currently Principal Investigator for UCD's role in two large European Commission funded projects:  FP7 FRAME (Fostering Human Rights Among European Policies) and FP7 bEUcitizen (Barriers to European Union Citizenship) which focuses on the barriers to enjoyment of EU citizenship that face both EU citizens and non-citizens. Relevant publications include; 'The Philosophical Development of Human Rights' in International Human Rights: Perspectives from Ireland (Bloomsbury, 2015, edited by Suzanne Egan), 'Mill on Education and Schooling' in The Blackwell Companion to John Stuart Mill (Blackwell, 2014, edited by : Christopher Macleod and Dale E. Miller); '"Her Life Within the Home": The Construction of Gender and Female Migrant Workers in the Republic of Ireland' (with J.M. Mancini), in Migrant Women Workers: Ethical, Political and Legal Problems (Routledge, 2015, edited by Zahra Mehgani). 

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Tags: Cooperation and conflict, Migration, EU and global justice
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