Conceptions of justice in the EU's external policies

ARENA hosted a half day GLOBUS seminar on conceptions of justice in the EU's external policies on 6 February 2019.


Solveig Aamodt discusses Anke Schwarzkopf's paper on the EU's role in the UNGA (Photo: Ragnhild Grønning)


Chair: Helene Sjursen


The EU as a global negotiator? The advancement of the EU’s role in multilateral negotiations at the UN General Assembly

Anke Stefanie Schwarzkopf
Discussant: Solveig Aamodt


Global gender justice: distributive justice or participatory parity?

Cathrine Holst
Discussant: Andreas Eriksen


Global justice and the promotion of sexual minority rights: Explaining donors' foreign policy responses to the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda

Johanne Døhlie Saltnes
Discussant: Erik Oddvar Eriksen

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