Bettina Ahrens

Research Associate and Lecturer, University of Tübingen

Bettina Ahrens is research associate and lecturer at the Institute of Political Science, University of Tübingen. She studied political science as well as German literature and linguistics in Tübingen. After completing her first state examination for teachers she worked as the local organizer for the 25th Conference of the German Political Science Association. In her Ph.D. thesis she looks at the role of the European Union as a foreign policy actor and its transformative impact on the structuration of international society. Her main fields of scientific interest include International Relations theory, especially the English school, EU foreign policy, human rights and diplomacy. During an internship at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva she gained practical insights into the field of international human rights.

Bettina Ahrens published ‘Solidarisation and Its Limits: The EU and the Transformation of International Society’ (Global Discourse, 2015, with Thomas Diez).

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Tags: EU and global justice, Climate change, Cooperation and conflict
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