The EU’s approach to Libya and the ‘War on Smuggling’

What are the consequences of the EU's 'War on Smuggling' for migrants and third countries? And how can the EU work towards a just governance of migration?

GLOBUS Flash Brief 3/19

Picture of the front page of the flash briefThe fight against human smuggling has become a pillar of the EU’s strategy on the governance of migration. The alarming conditions in Libya, the main departure point for the Central Mediterranean route, has been a central issue in this context. There is a consensus among observers and policymakers
on the need to tackle this lucrative business and save migrants from the exploitative grasp of criminal networks.

However, the EU’s strategy also has implications for resource allocation and the internal political-economic dynamics of both the EU and third states such as Libya. In this flash brief, GLOBUS researchers Michela Ceccorulli and Enrico Fassi present some of these main implications and discuss how the EU can ensure a just governance of migration. 

Tags: Migration By Michela Ceccorulli, Enrico Fassi
Published July 5, 2019 9:07 AM - Last modified July 26, 2019 9:41 AM