Alexa Zellentin in the Irish Times

GLOBUS researcher Alexa Zellentin (UCD) gave an extensive interview to the Irish Times on 30 January 2018, where she argues that there's a need to bring duties back into the debate on human rights.  

Screengrab: Irish Times

In the Irish Times' philosophy column ‘Unthinkable’, Zellentin argues that human rights are meaningless unless someone is charged with delivering them. Not only states have this duty: it has to be society as a whole. 

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Zellentin also discusses inequality, climate justice, and whether there should be a right to higher education: 

I was 10, back in Bavaria, when the decision was made on whether I should go to grammar school leading to university or the other track which would lead to apprenticeships. At that point, my parents happened to be divorced, I happened to have a number of siblings, and my teacher told my mother: ‘Her grades are at the border but you will never be able to give her the support she needs to go to university’. So I was sent to secretarial school which was a complete disaster in the sense that I made a horrible secretary but it turns out I made a fairly good academic.


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