Kantian Republicanism in the International Sphere

Kjartan Koch Mikalsen has contributed with a chapter in the book Kant's Cosmopolitics: Contemporary Issues and Global Debates.

About the book 

Written by a group of international scholars, the essays in this collection apply Kantian political theory to state and global governance, peace and human rights enforcement, migrant crisis management, European federalisation, global educational reforms and fostering what some might call a 'cosmopolitan culture'. As a result, this book advances the field of Kantian cosmopolitanism and how it relates to current debates in political theory, philosophy and the study of international relations.

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Kjartan Koch Mikalsen

'Kantian Republicanism in the International Sphere: Equal Sovereignty as a Condition of Global Justice'

In Kant's Cosmopolitics: Contemporary Issues and Global Debates
Garret Wallace Brown and Áron Telegdi-Csetri (eds). 

Edinburgh University Press, 2019

ISBN: 9780748695492

Tags: The EU and global justice
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