Securing the EU’s borders in the 21st Century

Michela Ceccorulli and Sonia Lucarelli have published a chapter in the book EU Security Strategies: Extending the EU System of Security Governance. 

About the book

This volume offers a coherent analysis of the European Union’s security strategies within a comparative framework.

If the EU is to survive and prosper as an effective security actor, it requires that greater attention be devoted to taking a cohesive and common position on the relationship between EU foreign policy means and goals. The major claim of this edited collection is that there is a European grand security strategy that disciplines member state security strategies. That grand strategy has two distinct substantive goals: (1) the preservation and expansion of the EU system of security governance; and (2) the implementation of specific strategies to meet internal and external threats and sources of insecurity. The EU has sought to develop a grand security strategy that not only accounts for the proliferation of threats possessing a military or non-military character and differentiates between core and peripheral regions of interest, but also addresses the requirements to bridge the increasingly blurred boundary between internal and external security threats and the necessary reconciliation of the competing security preferences of its member states. The empirical contributions to this volume examine the EU security strategies for specific issue areas and regional threat complexes. These case studies assess whether and how those strategies have consolidated or expanded the EU system of security governance, as well as their successes and limitations in meeting the security threats confronting the EU and its member-states.

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Securing the EU’s borders in the 21st Century
Michela Ceccorulli and Sonia Lucarelli

In:  EU Security Strategies: Extending the EU System of Security Governance
Spyros Economides and James Sperling (eds)

Routledge, 2018
ISBN: 9781138210417

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Tags: Migration, Cooperation and conflict
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