Environmental and Climate Diplomacy

Mai'a K. Davis Cross and Diarmuid Torney explore the contribution diplomacy has made to the EU’s external environmental and climate policies in this book chapter 'Environmental and Climate Diplomacy: Building Coalitions Through Persuasion'.

About the book

This book considers the environmental policies that the EU employs outside its borders. Using a systematic and coherent approach to cover a range of EU activities, environmental issues, and geographical areas, it charts the EU’s attempts to shape environmental governance beyond its borders. Key questions addressed include: What environmental norms, rules and policies does the EU seek to promote outside its territory? What types of activities does the EU engage in to pursue these objectives? How successful is the EU in achieving its external environmental policy objectives? What factors explain the degree to which the EU attains its goals? The book will be of interest to students and academics as well as practitioners in governments (both inside and outside of the EU), the EU institutions, think tanks, and research institutes.

Building coalitions through persuasion

This chapter explores the contribution diplomacy has made to the EU’s external environmental and climate policies. By studying the EU’s activities in the area of environmental diplomacy, we can elaborate upon the factors that influence the effectiveness or otherwise of the EU’s external environmental policies. The chapter traces the development of the EU’s key institutional mechanism for coordinating environmental diplomacy, the Green Diplomacy Network. It also uses the case of the EU’s  involvement in the COP21 climate conference to illustrate how diplomacy matters for the effectiveness of EU external environmental relations. Climate change is a special case of environmental diplomacy because it has attracted very high global attention compared with other environmental issues.

Full info

Diarmuid Torney and Mai'a K. Davis Cross
Environmental and Climate Diplomacy: Building Coalitions Through Persuasion

In: European Union External Environmental Policy. Rules, Regulation and Governance Beyond Borders
Camilla Adelle, Katja Biedenkopf, Diarmund Torney (eds)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
ISBN: 9783319609317

Tags: Climate change
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