GLOBUS student days: Migration and global justice

University of Bologna has organised two digital lectures and a essay contest as a part of their student days. 

Webinar: Migration politics in times of pandemic and lockdown

22 April, 11:00-13:00

Michela Ceccorulli organised a GLOBUS webinar on migration politics in times of pandemic and lockdown, with a guest lecture from Ferruccio Pastore.

Ferruccio Pastore, Director of the Forum of International and European Research on Immigration, gave the lecture 'Migration policies and politics in times of pandemic and multi-layered lockdowns'.


Webinar: Terrorism and migration

29 April, 11:00-13:00

Michela Ceccorulli organised a GLOBUS webinar on migration on terrorism and migration, with a guest lecture by Silvia D'Amato. 

Silvia D'Amato, Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, gave the lecture 'Terrorism and migration. What connection?

Student competition

Students are assigned a 'Justice Dilemma' and will be asked to assess the type of justice (in any) included in the dilemma(s) making an effort to identify justice addressee, legitimizing arguments and solutions adopted. The participating students will be involved in a group discussion where they will present questions of justice about migration, and the role of the EU in situations that constitute political dilemmas, following broader questions on the meaning of global justice in the field of migration,  providing their own insights.

A jury will evaluate the three best structured/reasoned projects, providing an informed and balanced evaluation of justice in the field of migration. The winning projects are available here.

GLOBUS student days

This event is a part of the GLOBUS student days, a series of events that will take place at five of the GLOBUS partner universities throughout 2019 and 2020. The events will bring up questions about the EU's global role in the fields migration, climate change, trade and development, cooperation and conflict, and gender issues. 

Upcoming events as well as event summaries will be posted on the event website in due time. 

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