Which future for multilateralism?

Is the liberal world order legitimate? ARENA and the Egmont Institute will host a policy dialogue in Brussels on 20 November addressing perspectives from the EU, Russia, India, China, Brazil, South Africa and the United States. 

(Unsplash | Lena Bell)

This seminar discusses the EU’s changing relations with major powers. Increasingly, global norms and values are contested. The EU is often considered a vanguard of a law based, Liberal World Order. The Common Foreign and Security Policy gained strength in parallel with the consolidation of this order after the end of the Cold War. But is the Liberal Order legitimate? Aiming to identify what might be viable reforms to the global order and the multilateral system, the seminar will address perspectives from the EU itself, Russia, India, China, Brazil, South Africa and the United States. Is there evidence of common views? On which core principles could a viable multilateralism be rebuilt in order to resolve key global challenges such as migration, climate, armed conflict and poverty?

More information about the event will be posted here in due time.

Participation upon invitation only. If you have any questions about this event, please contact GLOBUS Coordinator Helene Sjursen

Tags: EU and global justice, Contesting justice
Published Oct. 23, 2019 11:08 AM - Last modified Nov. 6, 2019 3:09 PM