Skjetne at Gendering European politics and law summer school

GLOBUS MA Student Vera Sofie Borgen Skjetne presented findings from her thesis on gender and human trafficking at a summer school organised by the University of Surrey in July 2019. 

Woman presenting research on the EU as a a promoter of global gender justice, in front of screen in classroom

Vera Sofie Borgen Skjetne presents findings from her MA thesis at the summer school at the University of Surrey (Photo: Roberta Guerrina)

Gendering European Politics and Law Summer School
Feminist Porwer Europe? Capacity building, strategies and methodologies for a European feminist foreign policy
8-12 July 2019, University of Surrey

Organisers: Roberta Guerrina, Professor at University of Surrey and Jean Monnet Chair in Gendering EU Studies.

About the event

The five day summer school was designed to introduce students, practitioners and other
stakeholders to a complex range issues and trends underpinning the historical development of the EU as a gender actor in external affairs. Crucially, through a range of innovative and
experiential teaching methods, the course merged theory and practice, thus providing a
useful set of resources for the analysis of current trends in EU politics, as well as foreign and
security policies more broadly. This Summer School introduced key debates and
methodologies for understanding the role of gender in shaping policy domains traditionally
conceptualised as gender neutral or gender free, e.g. trade, security and Brexit.

The EU as a promoter of global gender justice

Vera Sofie Borgen Skjetne gave a presentation entitled 'The EU as a promoter of global gender justice: Combating trafficking in the face of the migrant crisis'. The presentation was based on findings from her MA thesis, and Skjetne discussed how and to what extent ideas of gender justice are evident in the EU’s policy documents on trafficking in human beings, and how these ideas changed when faced with the so-called ‘migrant crisis’.

Programme (pdf)

Tags: Migration, Gender
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