GLOBUS at the 2019 SGRI conference

GLOBUS researchers Enrico Fassi, Michela Ceccorulli and Antonio Zotti participated in the annual conference of the Standing Group on International Relations of the Italian Political Science Association in Trento 13-15 June 2019. 

panorama photo of the city of Trento

Panorama of Trento (Photo: Franco Visintainer, CC BY-SA 3.0)

XII Conference of the Italian Standing Group on International Relations 
Global Politics in the Era of Disruptive Technologies: New Scenarios in an Old World?
13-15 June 2019, Trento, Italy.

Organisers: Italian Standing Group on International Relations (SGRI) and Italian Political Science Association (SISP)

Panel: EU's migration governance: The external dimension

Chairs: Enrico Fassi (Catholic University Milan) & Michela Ceccorulli (University of Bologna)

Michela Ceccorulli (University of Bologna) and Enrico Fassi (Catholic University Milan), 'EU's Approach to Libya and the "War on Smuggling": An International Political Economy Perspective'.

Antonio Zotti (Catholic University Milan), 'The Multilevel Externalisation of the EU Migration Policy. Germany and the EU in the External Dimension of the EU Migration System of Governance'. 

Full programme (

Tags: Migration
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