Contestation between forms of global justice

Sonia Lucarelli and Giorgio Grappi participated in an international conference on global perspectives on migration in Europe in Budapest on 9-10 November.

Sonia Lucarelli (University of Bologna) participated in a roundtable on overcoming contestation between forms of justice.

About the conference

The aim of the conference was to better understand the current debates around migration in Europe, but, importantly, from a global perspective. Participants elaborated on the meaning and understandings of global justices (among others non-domination on state levels, impartiality in individual rights, cultural recognition, more equal sharing of global burdens) in the context of the current processes of migration, migration policies, nationalism afraid of external domination, and unequal relations globally and also within Europe.

The conference was organised by Attila Melegh and Dorottya Mendly (Karl Polanyi Research Center for Global Social Studies in cooperation with Rosa Luxemburg Foundation and Institute of Political History).

Sonia Lucarelli (University of Bologna) gave a keynote on 'Ontological security and the Metamorphosis of the beast: The EU and migration'. Lucarelli also participated in a roundtable on 'Overcoming contestation between forms of justice?'. 

Giorgio Grappi (University of Bologna) gave a presentation on 'Migrants as justice seeking subjects and transnational regimes of labour'. 

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