Panel at the 2017 ISA Annual Convention

GLOBUS research group leader Thomas Diez chaired the panel "Environmentalism in a Changing International Society" at the ISA's 58th Annual Convention Understanding Change in World Politics

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International Studies Association
58th Annual Convention
Understanding Change in World Politics
February 22nd - 25th, 2017, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Environmentalism in a Changing International Society
(Panel SD07)

The theorisation of international society has traditionally focussed on norms and institutions in the political and military sector. The reinvigoration of the English School since the early 2000s has, among other things, led to an increasing focus on other issues, including the role of trade, but also of environmentalism in international society. In a world of states that finds itself in an ongoing process of redefining sovereignty, rights and duties do not only arise from traditional human rights claims, but also from the effects of environmental degradation and in particular climate change. This panel looked at the role that environmentalism plays in a changing international society, the norms and institutions that may arise from environmental claims, and the actors that promote and those that obstruct such changes.


Thomas Diez, University of Tübingen


Markus Lederer, Technische Universität Darmstadt



Environmental Stewardship as an Emerging Primary Institution of International Society

Barry Buzan, London School of Economics and Political Science

Robert Falkner, London School of Economics and Political Science


Moving International Society towards Solidarisation?: Assessing the EU’s Role in International Climate Politics

Bettina Ahrens, University of Tübingen


Climate governance and international institutions: The development of  the UNFCCC regime from Copenhagen to Paris

Eero Palmujoki, University of Tampere


The Rise of Democracy Norms in Global Environmental Politics

Karin Backstrand, Stockholm University


Climate Justice in International Society

Franziskus von Lucke, University of Tübingen

Thomas Diez, University of Tübingen


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