GLOBUS at 2018 EISA Conference

GLOBUS researchers participated in several panels during the 12th EISA Pan-European Conference on International Relations in Prague on 12-15 September 2018. 

12th Pan-European conference on International Relations
A New Hope: Back to the Future in International Relations

12-15 September 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

Organizers: European International Studies Association,  The Institute of International Relations (IIR) and the University of Economics (VŠE)

TC08: Collective Securitization and the European Union
13 September, 14:30-16:15

Michela Ceccorulli, University of Bologna, 'Back to Schengen: The Collective Securitization of the Free-Border Area'

FA26: Migration as a Tool of EU External Relations
14 September, 09:00-10:45

Michela Ceccorulli, University of Bologna, 'The Role of Libya in the EU’s Governance of Migration and Asylum: Steps Taken, Challenges Ahead'

FB08: Contesting Traditional Concepts of EU Foreign Policy Research
14 September, 11:15 - 13:00

Helene Sjursen, ARENA Centre for European Studies and Natalia Chaban, University of Canterbury, 'Global Justice and EU Foreign Policy through a Lense of EU External Perceptions (Case-Study Ukraine)'

From the panel Contesting Traditional Concepts of EU Foreign Policy Research. Left to right: Kamil Zwolski, Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, Kristi Raik, Natalia Chaban, Helene Sjursen and Spyros Economides.

FC27: The European Union, Norms and Climate Change in International Society
14 September, 14:30-16:15

Franziskus von Lucke, University of Tübingen (chair and presenter), 'Changing Conceptions of Climate Justice: Exploring the EU’s Strategy'

Bettina Ahrens, University of Tübingen, 'The Ambiguities of Solidarisation - The EU and Climate Change in International Society'

Solveig Aamodt, CICERO Center for International Climate Research and ARENA Centre for European Studies and Elin Boasson, University of Oslo, 'EU’s Justice Positions in Global Climate Governance: Explaining the Shift' 

FD08: EU, Russia and China
14 September, 16:45-18:30

Nicola Tomic, University College Dublin, 'Principled Pragmatism in Practice: the EU’s Crisis Management Approach to the Case of Syria'

SC26: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices in the Governance of Human Mobility
15 September, 14:30 - 16:15

Michela Ceccorulli, University of Bologna (chair and discussant)

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