Antonio Fiori

Associate Professor, University of Bologna

Antonio Fiori is Associate Professor at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna. His research focuses on migration and international relations of Northeast Asia, with particular reference to the Korean Peninsula and the People’s Republic of China. He teaches ‘Politics of contemporary Asia’ and ‘International Relations of East Asia’.

Among his publications are The Chinese Challenge to the Western Order (edited with M. Dian, FBK Press, 2014), Crisi, trasformazioni, continuità. Il sistema internazionale negli anni Settanta [Crisis, Transformation, Continuity: The International System in the 70s] (edited with M. Del Pero, E. Baroncelli and A. Pallotti, Rubbettino, 2012), and l’Asia Orientale. Dal 1945 ai giorni nostri [East Asia: From 1945 to Present] (Il Mulino, 2010). His research area within GLOBUS will be EU migration policies towards Asian countries, the contestants of EU migration policy (Focus: China). 

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Tags: Trade and development, Migration
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